REGULATIONS for Placement and Memorial Work

Before any memorial work will be considered, an application, signed by owner of burial rights in said lot and the contractor, must be filed at the cemetery office. Upon approval of the application, a copy of the form will be returned to the contractor for his files. This is his authorization to go ahead with the proposed work and can be carried while he is performing the work covered by the application. Any rejected application will be returned to the contractor with reason for it's disapproval indicated thereon.

  1. A complete executed application must be filed for any contemplated changes, inscriptions or additions to memorials already set. These applications will be handled in exactly the same way as an application for new work.
  2. Appropriate photos of deceased/family, not to exceed 4"X6" are allowed.  Other photos, as well as words Perpetual Care and similar phrases are not permitted on memorial work. Benches, corner posts and planting baskets are not allowed. No new vases may be placed in the cemetery.
  3. All memorial work must be Granite. Generally, work showing knots, evidence of doctoring, or with a tendency to create dirt pockets is not acceptable. Artificial coloring of any type is prohibited. No machine marks to show.
  4. Raised monuments are permitted on certain lots. Other lots and areas are entirely restricted to flush markers. Only one upright marker may be set on a grave. Four flush markers are permitted on one grave lot.
  5. An upright marker on a single lot must be no bigger than 3' high X 3' wide. A marker for a double lot may be no bigger than 3' high X 6'wide. All memorial designs must be of a religious nature to reflect the fact that this is a Roman Catholic Cemetery.
  6. Flush Markers must be made of Granite and must be 4 inches thick with beveled top edge and sawed sides and bottom. Markers on adult graves have a standard size of 12 inches by 24 inches. The carving or lettering on stone markers may not come closer than 1 inch to any edge.
  7. All monuments and markers set in cemetery shall have inscribed thereon a cross. This regulation accepts those memorials which are cruciform or which have as their principal feature a statue or relief of evident religious significance.
  8. The working hours for setting, cleaning or inscribing memorials shall be the same as the cemetery workday and in all cases work must end at the same time as the cemetery workday and advance notice of date and time must be given to the cemetery office. Trucks are not allowed on any grass area. The repair of any damage to turf caused by any memorial dealer will be charged to his account.
  9. The use of marble statues is prohibited.
  10. Contractors working in the vicinity of an interment must suspend their work until the conclusion of the service.
  11. St. Patrick Cemetery does not assume responsibility for the care of monuments or markers or any damage to them by accident or willful action. In the event any memorial is damaged, the cemetery reserves the right to remove the damaged memorial if not repaired or contracted to be repaired within ten days of notice sent to the lot owner at his last known address. Repairs must be approved by the cemetery.
  12. Any violation of these rules and regulations by the contractor is his sole responsibility even though he has received a copy from the cemetery office.
  13. Any dealer who violates the rules of the cemetery may be denied the privilege of installing memorials in the cemetery.
  14. No monument or marker shall be removed from the cemetery, except by the Cemetery personnel, unless a written order executed by the lot owner is presented at the cemetery office and written permission is granted.

Revised 7-2021